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  TIME Magazine empowers you to sync with latest affair around the world, get every insight behind all the news and views on world event.

Between now until 31 October 2016, enjoy special rate at HKD 567 for 30 issues (Original HKD 2100) plus Digital access along with subscription.

TIME Magazine is the original and world's largest weekly news magazine, with audience more than 40 million. Through trustworthy reporting, authoritative news analysis, and best-in-class photojournalism, TIME Magazine gives you more than just a weekly news summary. TIME Magazine provides insightful analysis of today's important events and what they mean to you and your family - from politics to scientific breakthroughs to human achievement. Plus, TIME Magazine helps you keep up with the arts, business, and society.

With TIME ALL Access, you can now access TIME Wherever you are.  ALL Access includes access to digital copies of TIME magazine through the iPad App as well as subscriber only content at the TIME.com website (including online archives articles all the way back to 1923).

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